Before the forging of the cosmos, Yogroth the Father God was banished to Exos for his madness. Abandoned to the isolation of the material plane of Exos, Yogroth regained his sanity by shedding his many personalities. These personas soon took physical form and gave shape to his many children thus creating the pantheon of the Blood Gods. For untold millennia, the Blood Gods lived beside the mortal races, but have since abandoned their creation. The Blood Gods fled the world of Haven when the Prime Evil's invasion of Exos proved too great. Despite the expulsion of Hell's demonic forces, most of the pantheon have remained silent to those on Haven, refusing to return until they have waged their campaign to reclaim the other lost worlds of the cosmos.

Nessra, goddess of motherhood and hearths

Titles: Blood-Mother, the Seal-Bearer

Followers: The denizens of Hyrkan; and small cults among both human and elisian cities

Magic:  Her devout followers use Holy magic to heal and shield others from danger

Enemy:  The Uldrax and Yogoroth the Father God 

While the other Blood Gods left to reestablish order to the chaos which festered across Exos in the absence of starlight, Nessra remained among the Sundered Realms of Haven. As the Mother-God, she works actively to safeguard all of Haven’s creation from the encroaching madness of the starless void and the interests of the Prime Evils. Greatest among her tasks is that of maintaining the "Seal" which sustains her husband’s prison, Yogoroth, who has once again been consumed by insanity. On Asora, her small cults work in secret to achieve these goals, wary of persecution from the more narrow minded followers of the Angelic Host.

Ethiore, demigoddess of the forge

Titles: the Silverstrewn, the Forgemaster

Followers: The denizens of Hyrkan; and cults among both qlunar and kargaur settlements

Magic:  Her devout followers use Fire magic to both create and wield weapons of living flame in combat

Enemy: Those that destroy the creations of others and those who use their creations to inflict cruelty

Born to a mortal man made strong by the anvil and the Blood Goddess Itrix, the young maiden Ethiore was of both human stock and divine blood. Raised in the ways of her father, Ethiore of Hyrkan grew in the warm light of the forge, becoming a legendary blacksmith in her own right. It was she who created the fabled Silver Swords at High Hearth which were wielded by both the demigods and heroes of past ages. To this day Ethiore protects the humans of Hyrkan from her seat in High Hearth, favoring those that show dedication to their craft.