The Basalus Colossum, sometimes referred to as the Elemental Lords, have been locked away within their respective elemental planes for millennia. This does not mean that their destructive influence does not seep into the material plane of Exos, affecting the denizens of Asora and the other world-shards. Their prisons only safeguard Exos from their direct presence, but they still sow chaos by means of the weather, lesser elementals and those few individuals that worship these primordial entities.

+ Euron, Basal Coloss of Earth . . .

Titles: The Earthen Boar, Bearer of the Crystal Cuirass

Followers: Human tribes across the Shattered Isles and Shadelands

Magic: His priests use Earth magic to hurl large stones, cause avalanches and create earthquakes

Enemy: Wiror the Basal Coloss of Air

Euron reigns supreme in his domain over the elementals of earth, stone, mountain, dirt and sand. This gargantuan earth elemental appears as a large boar whose body is composed of stone material and his tusks a red crystal. For over an eon Euron has abandoned his war against the Wind Serpent, distracted by his wife, Hylina the Mother-Stone, whom he seeks to kidnap from the material plane. His followers no longer seek to free him from the Spiraling Vaults, but to aid him in his efforts to retrieve Hylina. Along the mountain chains of Asora mortals pray at altars dedicated to Euron in order to appease his wrath in hopes of preventing deadly avalanches and rockslides that would normally demolish their communities.

+ Pyrok, Basal Coloss of Flame . . .

Titles: The Ash Lion, Bearer of the Cinder Crown

Followers: Human tribes across the Shattered Isles and Shadelands

Magic: His priests use Fire magic to create flame so that they may scorch creation

Enemy: Suron the Basal Coloss of Water

There is no nurturing warmth to the Basal Coloss of Flame, just searing heat. It is Pyrok's nature to burn all existence into oblivion: to scorch the earth, to simmer the sea and to stifle the air. Thousands of years ago it was Purok who instigated the war between the Basalus Colossum and the Blood Gods, an event which resulted in their imprisonment. This elemental saber lion, whose body is ash and whose mane is living flame, aspires to escape his plane in an explosive fury to once more destroy all life in Exos. Pyrok offers no salvation from his fires to those who pray to him; instead, he gives those who seek to spread burning destruction the power to control flame so that they might incinerate others.

+ Wiror, Basal Coloss of Air . . .

Titles: The Wind Snake, Bearer of the Tempest Blade

Followers: Human tribes across the Shattered Isles and Shadelands

Magic: Her priests use Air magic to create whirlwinds, destructive gusts of air and bursts of electricity

Enemy: Euron the Basal Coloss of Earth

Wiror's element is the most pervasive of the Basalus Colossum, in that her realm of power touches and surrounds the domains of her rival Elemental Lords. Because of her omnipresence, mortals fear her temperamental wrath more than the other Basalus Colossum. They make sacrifices in her name to assuage her anger in order to avoid blinding sandstorms, ship wracking storms or plain spanning tornados. Wiror is said to take the form of a colossal kite snake with veins of electricity coursing across her coiling body.

+ Surgess, Basal Coloss of Water . . .

Titles: The Sea Wolf, Bearer of the Drowned Drum

Followers: Human tribes across the Shattered Isles and Shadelands

Magic: Her priests use Water magic to both drown and freeze others.

Enemy: Pyrok the Basal Coloss of Flame

Many mistake Surgess' desire to extinguish the Elemental Lord of Flame as a benevolent action. In reality she cares little for protecting the mortal races from Pyrok's wrath. She regards all seas, rivers, lakes and oceans as her domain. The old legends regarding Surgess report that she takes the form of an immense wolf with fangs of ice. On Asora, humans make offerings to Sargess in order to appease her so that she might not freeze their harvests or sink the islands they call home. Surgess' closest adherents know that she is without mercy and they carry out her will by sowing watery chaos across the material plane.