Hunter fox- designer

Hunter is a resident nerd and former Park Ranger to a haunted mansion within Los Angeles county. Growing up, the ancient and mystical had always fascinated Hunter, that is probably why he found himself a student of archaeology and anthropology at UC Berkeley. Rather than making a career out of uncovering the mysteries of the past, Hunter prefers to weave his own tales through roleplaying games like Pasts, Personas & Prophecies. Inspired by history and the long dead cultures of the world, Hunter is frequently entranced by daydreams surrounding other realities outside our own.


Nick Patlan- Editor

Nick is a senior at UC Berkeley studying English. He fancied himself a nurse before realizing that actual tragedies are not as romantic as in the books. Before living in the Bay Area, he lived in Glendora, a Podunk town in Los Angeles county where he worked a few freelance writing gigs. His humdrum life forced him to imagine a lot, so he was always receptive to the world of fantasy. Reading fiction in general led to the nasty habit of caring about grammatical correctness, and now he has an uncontrollable urge to edit.  His favorite quote reads, “Every mistake you make is a potential joke in an otherwise dull autobiography,” which he wrote.