Outside the traditional pantheons of worship are those lesser entities whose power does not quite rival greater deities but demand respect and reverence. Although these demi-gods are not as cosmically vast as the Blood Gods and are tied to the Sundered Realms, they are responsible for creating many of the existing races.

Karggitt, Father of the kargaur

Titles: The Father-Bull, The Blue Spirit

Followers: Small cults of kargaur across Armaduggum.

Magic: His followers use Enchantment magic to cure others of their rage and aggression.

Enemy: Pindarm, the Prime Evil of Slaughter and Battle.

Although Karggitt's sun bleached bones no longer house his soul, his spirit has endured. When his children, the kargaur, slew his living body, Karggitt’s endless rage was quieted in death.  Freed from his aggression, Karggitt's spirit spreads a message of serenity. Small kargaur communities and elders secretly adhere to his dogma of peace while trying to avoid the wrath of Pindarm’s followers. His teachings instruct the kargaur to calm their inner beast and embrace tranquility. Karggitt professes that although their unrelenting fury can be a great asset, they can forever lose themselves to aggression, if unrestrained. 

Seisune, spirit of the foxkin

Titles: The Heavy Tailed but Light of Step, the Guiding Trio of Cylene

Followers: The majority of Foxkin people, especially the older generations.

Magic: Her devout followers use Cosmic magic to travel great distances, to maneuver past obstacles and escape danger.

Enemy: Those that use knowledge to control others

The elders of the Foxkin tell that their progenitor, the forest spirit Seisune, appears as a beautiful, translucent fox with three heads and nine tails. They recall the nights when Seisune could be seen wandering the wooded glades of their homeland, a sight which has been long missed since their exodus to Asora. Seisune, who once a servant to the Blood Goddess Cylene, promotes exploration for the sake of knowledge. She encourages her children to share their new discoveries in poetic tales and riddles in order to inspire new generations of curiosity. Through this cycle, the foxkin give reverence to their creator and continue the cultural ways of their people.

Hylina, Matrix of the Hylo

Titles: The Mother Stone, Bringer of Light

Followers: The entirety of the hylo race.

Magic: Her shamans use Earth magic to open passageways and to create protective walls.

Enemy: Euron, the Basal Coloss of Earth

In the black caverns of the Dark Reaches, sources of light are few and far between. However, the greatest light to pierce the lower darkness is the pulsating glow of the Mother Stone. This colossal crystal hangs from the ceiling of an immense cave complex and has the miraculous effect of giving sentient life to the surrounding stone. The Hylo born from their proximity to the crystal's purple glow claim that the Mother-Stone visits her children in dreams, appearing as a beautiful human woman. She tells the Hylo that long ago, she was kidnaped against her will and was turned into a beautiful crystal by Euron. She seeks to evade his envious grasp by turning the earth around her into her loyal guardians to combat Euron's minions.