Just as the High Heavens of Titania are governed by the Angelic Host, the Lower Hells of Rancor are ruled by the Prime Evils. Despite the varying titles these infernal entities assume, each is malicious and immensely powerful whether or not it refers to itself as a Demon Prince, an Archdevil or a Demon Lord. In the ancient past, it was the Prime Evils who in their war against the angels created the Sundered Realms and destroyed the sun.

Berla, Prime Evil of tyranny and ambition

Titles: The High Prince, The Red Flame

Followers: The denizens of the Broken Wastes, some tribes within the Shadelands and secret cults across Asora.

Magic: His priesthoods use Summoning magic to bind demons and command them.

Enemies: Angels and those that subvert laws in order to usurp power.

Before this Prime Evil was bound within the Sky-Sear, he was the one Archdevil to successfully enslave the mortal races of Haven for hundreds of years. Berla covets power through control, manipulation and the servitude he forces onto others. From within his prison, Berla seeks liberation and plots to attain more power once he is liberated. He represents conquest, betrayal and intrigue in the pursuit of self-gain. Berla and his followers are loyal to no one but themselves; they see alliances as a means to an end and would eagerly back stab their allies in order to further their own position.  His followers sacrifice innocents in Berla's name, not out of love, but for promises of power and to continue their opulent lifestyles. 

Pindarm, PRIME EVIL OF Bloodshed AND Slaughter

Titles: The Horned Butcher, He Who Soaks the Earth

Followers: The majority of kargaur in Armaduggum and small cults across Asora.

Magic: His followers use Transmutation magic to turn their bodies and limbs into living weapons of destruction.

Enemies: Angels an those that cower behind the laws that protect them.

Unlike the other Prime Evils , Pindarm does not seek control nor rulership over mortal souls for rulership's sake. He is the embodiment of rage incarnate, his existence being only to sow destruction, do battle and slaughter those weaker than himself. His wars are not carried out to prove his strength, but to fulfill his yearning hunger to extinguish life. His followers charge headlong into battle with a beserker's fury, inciting chaos, destroying all that stand before them with brute force and offering trophies of their exploits to his bloody altars. It is these things which please Pindarm, savagery and discord.


Titles: The Blackened Embrace, The Demoness of Decay

Followers: Small cults across Asora and Numeria.

Magic: Her priests use Dark magic to drain vitality and beauty from others in order to fuel themselves.

Enemies: Angels and the incorruptible.

All things surrounding Iaz are a lie, so much so that those beings tangled in her webs of deception often go mad by their inability to discern truth from falsehood. So pervasive are her deceptions, that her most devout adherents cant agree on whether she is an Archdevil, an undead, or both.  She takes pleasure in aesthetics and in corrupting others by means of lust, seduction and empty promises. Despite Iaz being infamous for not honoring her contracts, many mortals foolishly sell her their souls in order to make pacts. Her followers sow lies to corrupt others into walking the "Vile Paths," her dogma, while others choose a false life of undeath to preserve their consciousness