Game Masters in the Pasts, Personas & Prophecies™ Roleplaying Game present crafted stories of thrilling adventure for their groups of gathered heroes. They provide for their players mysterious opportunities to brave the darkness of fantasy adventure and face the terrifying beasts that dwell within. Through twisting tales traversed by terrifying monsters, the storyteller role of the Game Master strives to be the gentle hand, guiding their players through adventures while simultaneously controlling hordes of enemies; bringing the fun to the whole gaming group.

Game Masters in Pasts, Personas & Prophecies™...

...are not burdened by dice rolling. Without having to roll dice, Game Masters can focus on the plot and keep the story going at a fun filled pace.
...quickly create monsters to torment their players. The nonplayer characters at the Game Master's disposal are easy to create, reducing preptime when writing adventures for their heroes to experience and use the same Diceless mechanics.
...are automatically provided plenty of story material. Together, the character creation process and the Prophecy mechanic, provide plenty of adventure hooks for Game Masters to create adventures for the characters 
...can jump straight into the action with a Free Adventure. New Game Masters starting off can run their group of heroes through The Vaults of the H'run Adventure provided at the back of the Core Rulebook.