Because the story of each character helps drive the plot of the narrative, the Pasts, Personas & Prophecies™ Roleplaying Game, character creation system subtly forces players to create characters with detailed backgrounds and personalities that aren’t just fluff, but impact their stats in a major way!

Characters in Pasts, Personas & Prophecies™...

...have a Past. Who a character once was decides where they come from, their past social status and what they were skilled in; Choices which create a history and directly affect their stats. 

...each have a unique Persona. Who a someone is affects a character's mentality, flaws, their deepest loves and greatest hates; story focused choices which provide bonuses ingame.

...change with their Prophecy.  There is no such thing as a static character with the Prophecy mechanic, players and destiny alike work together to mold characters down unexpected paths of character development.

...are not chained to a class. This means that players can play the way they want and their characters can be or become anyone using the Talent system. to their identity and the story at hand. A character's advancement is not dictated by how many monsters they slay, but the number of endeavors under their belts. This way, a character progresses naturally by any means necessary to survive.