Oh, hail friend. I was beginning to think you weren’t t going to show, but, come, take a seat. I’ll order you some wine, I understand business is far better with cup in hand. My thanks for coming though, I know the Purple Palace is--,”

“--an exotic place to conduct legitimate business, but do not fear, many things circulate here. Every soul that visits this establishment for its drink and ‘entertainment’ bring with them rumor, secrets, tales. But sometimes these souls leave with much more. Such as unique items only acquired by meeting with myself. As you can see, I am of the  Hylo, and cannot nor truly care to sample the ‘attendants’ herein. I do however prefer the company of ‘entrepreneurs’ of the world, such as yourself.”

“Ah, here comes your wine skin, drink up, I have a little proposition for you. A small shipment of rotary-bows have come into my possession. An acquaintance of mine ‘found’ them on an offloading Argonaut vessel on an island outside of the Yawning Sea. They most likely were intended for the colonization effort out there. Oh-- and do me a favor; don’t mention that bit to the City Watch. Imprisonment is very bad for business.”

“Now then, these ‘gems’ may not be magical in any way, but they are lethal in the right hands. Your hands I have a feeling. Of course you have heard of the Narcossak Imperium? It was they who first introduced the rotary-bow to Asora when they invaded, using them as an effective frontline weapon within their  military. Unlike a standard crossbow, rotary-bows have a rotating loading chamber which allows the user to fire multiple bolts without reloading. The bottom crank, here,  or pump depending on the model, simultaneously rotates the loading chamber and pulls back the bowstring making it ready to fire at will.”

“Rotary-bow technology has expanded from the crossbow and handheld variants to much larger scale devices. The rotating chambers have even been applied to ballistae such as those that outfit the shard-craft within the Argonaut navy.”

“I’ve even heard of some adventurers loading the chambers with either alchemical or poisoned bolts to increase their efficacy. Have you heard of Abbaj the crime lord of Argon, I hear that one of his favorite underlings,  a man by the name of Balo Vexx, is infamous for wielding a modified rotary-bow which bears a serrated blade to supplement his fearsome melee ability in hand-to-hand combat.”

“But never mind that, If you’re interested, visit my table tomorrow come nightfall: there will be another wineskin to quench your thirst and well a rotary-bow for you to purchase. Till then friend, make sure to enjoy the Purple Palace, but I warn you, do be careful, the owner of this establishment, the Lady Aya who sits over there, will not hesitate to have my good friend Magna throw you out into the streets…”