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Below are details on the jeweled lands that belong to the world-shard of Asora and the skill modifiers those lands provide to adventurers who call those places home.

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Capital: Argon

Government: Bureaucratic Monarchy

Homeland Traits: +1 Pilot , +1 Streetwise & -1 Ride

Main Demographics: human, foxkin, kargaur, elisian, qlunar

This island city-state is the greatest hub of commerce on Asora and thusly is the melting-pot of the Jeweled North. Of all the nations in the North, Argon boasts the largest naval armada, a force that protects its trade routes across the Yawning Sea. Argon's highest honor is its sponsoring of the Decron League, the confederation which unites the realms of the Jeweled North under a single purpose against outside intrusions.



Capital: Karggitt

Government: Military Dictatorship 

Homeland Traits: +1 Endure, +1 Handle & -1 Diplomacy

Main Demographics: kargaur

The island subcontinent of Armaduggum is a land of ice and blood. It is here that the kargaur routinely maintain a rugged life migrating between the various volcanic fissures that bring heat to their freezing existence. In this land, warfare and raiding are a tradition that kargaur battle-herds uphold zealously as they fight over the limited resources of their home.


Capital: Arkomat

Government: Democratic Oligarchy

Homeland Traits: +1 Insight, +1 Diplomacy & -1 Nature

Main Demographics: human, qlunar, hylo, elisian

Situated amid the poisoned wastelands of the Savage South, the human and qlunar city-state of Arkomat is maintained by a slave caste consisting of the hylo. Facing a revolution of rebel slaves, the Loyalist Council attempts to maintain the peace without creating a schism between the two ruling races and their varying philosophies.



Capital: Besul

Government: Gerontocratic Satrapy 

Homeland Traits: +1 Athletics, +1 Insight & -1 Intimidate

Main Demographics: human, cyclops

Rather than flee the growing undead menace that prowls the shadowy forest floor of the Shadelands, the cyclopes of Besul are resolute to endure this growing adversary. It is in this doomed endeavor that these depraved slavers drive their slave armies to man their defensive lines, forcing these unfortunate souls to fight alongside their tyrannical masters until the bitter end.


The Broken Wastes

Capital: Ngozi

Government: Theocratic Satrapy

Homeland Traits: +1 Survival, +1 Resist & -1 Research

Main Demographics: human

The burned remains of a hundred thousand dead form the black ash deserts of the Broken Wastes. This wasteland was once the capital of the long dead Belkhanid Kaliphate. The human descendants of this unholy empire who live in the cities, exist under the reign of a dark priesthood while those that call the Wastes home struggle to survive among the spirit haunted sands of their ancestors. 

The Dark Reaches

Capital: Unknown

Government: Egalitarian Gerontocracy

Homeland Traits: +1 Perception, +1 Athletics & -1 Heal

Main Demographics: hylo, worms of the earth, exiled

The Dark Reaches are those caverns that exist far beneath the surface world, a land of endless tunnels consumed by complete darkness. Within this earthen home, the hylo survive only by following a strictly nomadic lifestyle that constantly has them running from the many dangers that infest the places where light is all but the rarest commodity.



Capital: Falador

Government: Plutocratic Magocracy

Homeland Traits: +1 Arcana, +1 Research & -1 Athletics

Main Demographics: human, elisian, qlunar

This city-state is the only true haven on Asora where magic practitioners can conduct their arcane arts away from the fearful prejudices of the common masses. In place of the city's absent founder, the Archmage Faldorin, the shadowy Ergosi Guild rules. Because of the untold prosperity the Guild has brought to Falador with their monopoly on constructing shard-craft, no one has questioned their darker practices.


Capital: Tiber

Government: Feudal Theocracy

Homeland Traits: +1 Religion, +1 History & -1 Deceive

Main Demographics: human

This human realm acts as the spiritual center of religious belief for those that worship the Angelic Host. It is under the authority of High Voice Palitine XVIII, that the feudal dynasts of the Riverlands unite as a single culture. Emboldened by the righteousness of their faith, the people of Galia are eager to march under the banner of an Argent Trial to crusade against their sinful neighbors in the country of Nikaia.


The Harbor Swamps

Capital: Corvo

Government: Plutocratic Confederacy

Homeland Traits: +1 Nature, +1 Security & -1 Handle

Main Demographics: human 

The commonfolk of the Harbor Swamps exist to farm, ever navigating the currents of their homeland atop the floating gardens which bear the fruit of their agricultural endeavors. Among the Harbor Swamp's handful of city-states, the rich and powerful Spice Lords rule supreme. Together the Spice Lords maintain stability by only rarely banding together to humble any of their peers bold enough to seize total control.


Capital: Highhearth

Government: Technocratic Gerontocracy

Homeland Traits: +1 Ride, + 1 Perform & -1 Perception

Main Demographics: human, kargaur, giants

The barbarian technocrats of Hyrkan have forever been a thorn in the side of the Jeweled North. For millennia Hyrkan raiders have successfully resisted the military and religious incursions of outside forces. Danger from within the region threatens to unravel Hyrkan's stability, as the Mandoak tribe disrupts the peace created by the ruling elders.



Capital: Carthak

Government: Imperial Dynasty

Homeland Traits: +1 Athletics, +1 Perform & -1 Arcana

Main Demographics: human

The cities that dot the Acaydil Plains are bound together by their shared kalippa culture and the imperial authority of the young Empress Theta. Having endured the full extent of the Narcossak Imperium's invasion, Nikaia's people seek to avoid a war with Galia in order to focus on the greater threat of the conquering Narcossaks.

The Savage South

Capital: Nebrem

Government: Tribal Kraterocracy

Homeland Traits: +1 Handle, +1 Intimidate & -1 Streetwise

Main Demographics: human, elisian, kargaur, beast races

When the monstrous races fled the march of human civilization their communities were forced to settle in the Savage South. Those tribes isolated to this frontier region now face an invasion from the ocean waters of the Heaving Tides. Amid their own petty squabbling, little do these monstrous races know that this force plans to enslave all their peoples unless they can stand united.


The Shadelands

Capital: Kesh

Government: Fuedal Satrapy

Homeland Traits: +1 Stealth, +1 Heal & -1 Range

Main Demographics: human, descalum, vampires

In the absence of Sear-light, which cannot penetrate the dense canopy of endless rain forest, evils stalk the land unmolested. With the steady increase of the gaunt horrors that plague the Shadeland's shadowy forest floor, the power of the Great Wyrm Thethxra wavers. In fear, his subjects  flee before the scourge of undead, disrupting the colonial efforts of Argon and flooding the Broken Wastes with countless, hungry refugees.

The Shattered Isles

Capital: Mitra

Government: Hierarchal Theocracy

Homeland Traits: +1 Pilot, +1 Diplomacy &-1 Streetwise

Main Demographics: human

The ebony seafaring tribes of the Shattered Isles are a people of intense religious mysticism and fierce guardianship. These tide traveling natives who belong to a rigid caste system, see themselves as stewards to unknown ruins far more ancient than those built by the long-dead Belkhanid Kaliphate who once ruled over their people.



Capital: Elisiv

Government: Theocratic Oligarchy

Homeland Traits: +1 Nature, +1 Acrobatics & -1 Insight

Main Demographics: elisian

The elisian homeland of Ta'Eldae is composed of a thousand spire-like mesas whose plateaus' are constantly wracked by endless lightning storms. In this weather-torn place the elisians grow restless without an heir an inherit their empty throne. In this stagnation, the long idle Theocrat-Nobles wage a war of pawns and subterfuge in their quest to ascend to the royal seat of power.


Capital: Thal-Qlunarum

Government: Dynastic Diarchy

Homeland Traits: +1 Composure, +1 Repair & -1 Survival

Main Demographics: qlunar, hylo

This city-state is the last surviving vestige of qlunar expansionism. Under the rule of an ancient diarchy, they maintain their isolation from the outside world. Alone, their small military cannot hold off the Narcossak force concealed within their mountain ranges. The xenophobic qlunar are divided on whether or not  they should petition for foreign aid from the Decron League; knowing that once the League intervenes, they may never leave.