"Know princess, there was once a time now lost to the ages, when the children of humanity still walked your Sundered Realms. Whose palaces shined like radiant jewels across the cosmos when there were no longer stars to brighten their darkened world...


...a turbulent era when shard-ships were not a tool for peace, but for conquest and bloodshed; when wayfarers braved the unknown void toward an uncertain future…”


Across the Sundered Realms floating amid creation, adventurers brave the unexplored frontier of the war-torn cosmos to battle dark magics, traverse the ancient ruins of the long lost Blood Gods and seek out a new destiny among the world-shards. The remains of the world Haven are scattered across the void, broken and separate, but not dead. The Wayfarer Age has come, and it is the responsibility of daring adventurers to forge a new life of danger and excitement amid a larger reality.


The Wayfarer campaign setting details the sundered world of Haven, using the rules of the Pasts, Personas & Prophecies roleplaying game. Haven is not a place of glorious heroes bolstered by their good intentions or kings who rule their Utopian kingdoms with just decrees; Haven is a world destroyed and divided by the infernal armies of Hell. Mercenaries wander the roads for bloody employment and forbidden magics fuel the colonial agendas of humanity; a harsh reality where the gods have abandoned their creations to their possible doom.


Those running adventures in the Wayfarer campaign setting require nothing but the Pasts, Personas & Prophecies core rulebook. This setting offers Game Masters plenty of material regarding homelands, races and religions for their players to create unique characters that fit the unusual ambiance of the Wayfarer Age. To help Game Masters, one will find rules regarding shard-craft combat, a gazetteer of exotic locations, and a bestiary of challenging enemies to oppose their players in nail-biting combat


The familiar fantasy world is shattered in WayfarerHaven is not your typical campaign setting where elves live amid the natural world within their forested cities while godly pantheons grace their followers with divine favor. No, Haven is a system of alien world-shards with their own unique peoples. It is a reality where colonial powers traverse their newly discovered horizons to uncover the secrets of unknown lands only accessible through shard-craft.

Players and Game Masters alike who are unfamiliar with the Wayfarer campaign setting should familiarize themselves with the atypical features of Haven that give it its refreshing, unique feel.

Not One World, But Many

Long before the Wayfarer Age, the world fell victim to countless demonic armies. So vast were Hell's forces that the Blood Gods could not prevent their creation’s destruction. In the aftermath, Haven lays strewn about the expansive cosmos as broken pieces composing the Sundered Realms. After the Sundering of Haven, the civilizations atop the separate world-shards developed in isolation of one another, for the most part unaware of each other’s existence. They formed countless diverse worlds, each living under an eerily dead sun and the light from a flaming comet known as the Sky-Sear.

Shard-craft Create New Opportunities

When the foreboding vessels of the Narcossak Incursion descended from the sky to bring fire and tyranny down on the world-shard of Asora, the Wayfarer Age was born. Since the Narcossak's failed invasion, the secret magics behind their shard-craft technology have been uncovered by the shadowy Ergosi Guild. This newly arisen organization monopolizes shard-craft construction and for this reason, travel between word-shards is not for those with a light purse. Crossing the cosmos is only affordable to state powers or the extremely wealthy who hire adventurers to man their vessels. For most, the world-shard they are born on doubles as both their lifelong home and eventual grave.


An Age of Exploration and Conquest

With the development of shard-craft on the world-shard of Asora, the Sundered Realms are no longer unreachable specks of mystery among the open sky. Eager for vengeance against the the mysterious Narcossak Imperium, the powers of Asora seek to expand into the cosmos aboard their new fleets of shard-craft. Kings and councils alike urge their forces to venture out into unknown territory in search of new wonders, resources, and allies to use against their hated enemy who waits among the void.

Not Your Traditional Fantasy Races

Although humanity’s unceasing rise to dominance has gone unabated for centuries, other peoples cohabit Asora beside the race of men. Dwarves, orcs, elves and goblins along with other traditional fantasy creatures do not exist. They neither dwell along the outskirts of humanity’s domain nor live among the Sundered Realms of the cosmos. Instead, Asora is home to the dust-addicted Elisians, the moon-weaving Qlunar, the demon-touched Kargaur, the fleeting Foxkin and the stone-borne Hylo.


The TRUE Gods Have Departed

When faced with Hell's unrelenting hordes of demons, even the Blood Gods themselves were forced to surrender much of their territory to the Prime Evils. In their flight, many of the planets created by the Blood Gods fell into madness as Hell harvested the power of their stars in their campaign to envelope the cosmos. Despite the intervention of the Angelic Host, which abated the Prime Evils’ conquest, many gods perished while those that survived abandoned the Sundered Realms to quell the chaos of the darkened worlds where alien madness now dwells.

Magic is Feared

The mundane common folk within the cities and across the countryside know little of magic, other than little good ever comes of it. On Asora, the humans of the past used magics to consort with demons who aided human worshipers in maintaining their empire. That dark history has forever stained the practice of the supernatural on Asora. Held in both contempt and fear, the masses tend to persecute any who exhibit their ability to practice magic. Only in the cities and under the patronage of the ruling class are practitioners remotely safe, while others must either remain in secret or exploit fear to prevent violent offenders.


Nowhere Is Safe, Nothing Is Certain, None Can Be Trusted

Do not be fooled. The shining cities of civilization may symbolize the pinnacle of society, but even among the walls meant to protect its citizens from the horrors outside, politicians use others as pawns and prey upon the weak. In Wayfarernothing is certain, nowhere is truly safe from danger and no one person can be trusted. A legendary thief may have a heart of gold while the respected priest of the Angelic Host may be fueled by dark ambition.  Among the Sundered Realms the unexpected is common; a being of pure light may be corrupted just as an ancient dragon may disregard his treasure in order to safeguard mortals from more terrifying evils.

Sword & Sorcery With A Tinge of High Fantasy

The peasantry cowering in their hovels are incapable of slaying the monstrosities that haunt their countryside or prevent the foul experiments of dark sorcerers practicing their black arts among the ruins of old. Few know a life beyond the plow, but all know that life on Asora is dark, savage and short. In the cities, wars of intrigue and subterfuge abound between the affluent. The wilds are no better, being equally plagued by terrifying horrors that go unmolested. Although shard-craft now disrupt the previous boundaries of their reality, most on Asora live in a time of iron in which one can only dream of reaching the skies.