The Foxkin have lost nearly everything of their former lives to the extermination policies of their ancestral homeland. Although many generations have passed since the Foxkin's exodus from Ogiama, the memories of genocide still haunt the elders of their community.

The Foxkin fled Ogiama to escape one danger just to find themselves in even greater peril. Stranded on a world-shard known as the Withering Glade, the Foxkin were slowly dying of a mysterious affliction until chance had it that they were discovered by a roving Argonaut shard-ship. Although eager to help, the Argonauts could not carry the whole Foxkin people on their single shard-ship. Many were forced to leave behind their loved ones who would eventually succumb to the unseen force that had been draining the Foxkin. 

Having fled from one home to another, the Foxkin, now on Asora, have grown tired of running. Many have not forgotten the cherry blossoms of their homeland and have vowed to never again retreat in the face of adversity nor the bigotry of humankind.

Physical Description

Lifespan: Over 80 years

The Foxkin are a race of humanoid beasts that resemble foxes. They stand at a lower height than the average human by at least a head due to their smaller frame and the arch of their bent posture. Their fur coats range anywhere from an orange, white, tan or grey hue while their reflective canine eyes are always of a blue, green or brown color.

The most distinct feature separating a Foxkin's appearance from their common fox cousins is that the Foxkin have not one, but three tails. This trio sprouts from a shared base attached to their lower backs.

Because male and female Foxkin bear a similar appearance, their attire is the most distinguishing feature. All Foxkin women wear some form of jewelry and a sash at their stomachs to denote their sex from their male counterparts. 


Tragically, the Foxkin have no place to call their own since they were forced from their homeland in order to escape a genocide. Their history reports that after the humans of Ogiama eradicated the Oni that terrorized their lands, they turned their swords on the Foxkin.

Today, the small Foxkin community has collected in a ward of Argon known as the Enclave. To them, it is a safe urban environment which provides them the necessary breathing room to reestablish themselves. Although they have no true political sway in Argon, the Enclave is the closest thing the Foxkin have to a home.


To represent the free and intellectual spirit of the Foxkin, children are given the choice of naming themselves once they are old enough to study the stories of the past. As younglings Foxkin learn the poetic pros and legends surrounding their people's long dead heroes. When their teacher's decree that they as students are ready to name themselves, younglings are allowed to incorporate the syllables representing objects and people that best represent them. These syllables are then combined into one word which becomes their name.



Clever, Curious, Nosey, Investigative, Humble Shy, Warm, Friendly


Because their culture did not develop on the world-shard of Asora, the Foxkin never adopted the Archangels as their deities. On Ogiama, the Foxkin had given their faith to a divine animal spirit named Seisune who is believed to be their creator.

The Foxkin dedicate each of their academic accomplishments and philosophies to Seisune. They pray for her guidance so that they may live a life devoid of ignorance and for blessings of adaptability in the face of new challenges.


As new inhabitants, the Foxkin see the Asora as a clean slate with new adventures and people to experience. They are curious to learn of this world-shard and establish new friendships.

Politically the Foxkin are tied to Argon and are most accepted there. Sadly, many of the other human regions of the Jeweled North, especially Galia, find that their foreign god, Seisune, unsettling.

Outside the religious sphere, Foxkin are usually well received due to their grateful and courteous nature toward hosts, a cultural trait acquired during their long period as refugees.


On Ogiama, the Foxkin spoke an exotic language called Iame. Legend claims that they were first among the races of Ogiama to develop this language and its written form. They then shared this language with the humans of their homeland, influencing the rise of their entire civilization.

But with Ogiama a distant memory, only the elders openly still speak Iame while the younger generations have learned Norstari to better conform among the humans of the Jeweled North.




Ki-, Koi-, Shi-, Oka-, Aso-, Ji-


-tai, -doka, -bure, -ma, -nune