WAYFARER: Humanity Revisted


The scrolls, parchments and scribblings below record the observations of the famed historian Stygtep Tehoth on humanity and the varying lifeways of its diverse cultures scatted across the world-shard of Asora.



+ Scroll Concerning A brief Human History . . .

Legend tells that when the Blood Gods first created life on Haven, the first two races among their creations were their servitors, the sphinxes, and the the children of humanity. It is believed that humankind was the template for all other humanoids. Only by the touch of the greater beings, magical transformations, evolution or demonic corruption did the many races branch off from the original human design.

Despite the diversity derived from the human template, unaltered humans not only exist, but prosper. On the world-shard of Asora, their cultures vary in complexion, creed, customs and allegiance. Their adaptability and versatility are their greatest strengths, but sometimes such boons lead to conflicts between their varying cultures.

Historically, the Belkhanids, a human tribe in the Shadelands rebelled against their masters in Old Besul and spread across Asora. Relinquished from their overlords' yoke, they in their conquest subjugated other human tribes and formed the unholy Belkhanid Kaliphate. Eventually their dependence on demonic worship led to their thunderous downfall as countless slave tribes banded with the elisian clergy in a crusade to overthrow the Belkhanid Priest King. From the ashes of the Kaliphate's, those victorious slave tribes arose to form the great powers of the Jeweled North and the lesser realms of humanity across Asora.

+ Scroll Concerning Human Physiology . . .

Life Span: 60
Depending on the region of their birth, humans tend to follow genetic trends in their physical appearance. Although an individua's location of birth hints at how someone might look, more important still is an individual's ancestry because due to the trade lanes of the Yawning Sea, human populations are highly migratory.

Among the regions of Nikaia, Galia, Argon and the Harbor Swamps, humans usually bear a fairer complexion and the wide range of natural hair colors. They share these traits with the residents of Arkomat and the barbarians of Hyrkan.

Those people that live east of the Harbor Swamps amid the Broken Wastes, the Shadelands, Besul and the Shattered Isles are of a darker skin color, ranging from an olive hue to ebony.

+ Scroll concerning the Human Personality . . .

Versatile, Adaptable, Resilient, Proud, Corruptible, Weak Willed, Adventurous

+ Scroll concerning Human Lands . . .

Human populations exist in nearly every environment across Asora, from the tropical forests of the Shattered Isles to the frozen shores of Hyrkan. Those few places where humanity has yet to place a serious foothold are located in the Savage South and the island subcontinent of Armaduggum where the kargaur roam.

Many would have their peers believe that the pinnacle of human civilization is culminated among the realms of the Jeweled North, but that is an utter misconception. Although the many lands of humanity vary in tradition, philosophy, art and architecture, no culture is inherently superior to any other. Amazing feats of greatness and civility are shared by all human cultures across Asora, just as they all too have their own unique acts of savagery and horror.

+ Scroll concerning Human Religous Practices . . .

The cultures of the Jeweled North, which include Argon, Nikaia, Galia and the Harbor Swamps worship the tenants of the Angelic Host. With great frustration, missionaries trained in Galia have had success in converting the humans of Arkomat and some Hyrkanian border tribes to the faith of the Archangels

Wheras the weaker, and more vulnerable tribes have betrayed their creators, the majority of human tribes in Hyrkan still worship the old ways. They put their faith into the Blood Gods such as Nessra and the demi-goddess Ethiore.

Like their barbarian counterparts in the east, the ebony tribes of the Shadelands and the Shattered Isles revere their old traditions. Many give worship to the great dragon Thethxra the "Blue" while the shamans of the land continue to appease the Basalus Colossum in order to preserve their people from elemental destruction.

Among the ash sands of the Broken Wastes a powerful priesthood forces their subjects to worship the flaming comet known as the sky-sear. It is their belief that through burning sacrificial victim's with the reflected light of the sky-sear, that water will continue to reside within their underground springs which they so desperately need.

+ Scroll concerning Human relations . . .

Because of the Belkhanid Kaliphate's former prominence, humanity continues to hold an influential position across Asora. Many despise humans for their arrogance and their internal need to force their ideals on others. Despite their dislike, few can actually oppose humanity's might for the united strength of the Jeweled North knows no rival on Asora. Unfortunately, the Decron League which keeps these powers in alliance is tenuous at best, and could easily be severed in order to weaken their combined strength.

At present, the only power capable of effectively checking humanity's expansionism are the mysterious Ergosi of Falador. Due to humankind's intrinsic urge to explore the unknown and the Sundered Realms therein, human realms are utterly dependent on the Ergosi "Guild's" monopoly over shard-craft technology. For this reason, humanity can only make progress across the cosmos at the speed at which the Ergosi will allow them; a fact which some in the Jeweled North find unpleasant enough to act upon.

+ Scroll concerning Human linguistic practices . . .

Long ago humanity was taught to soeak primordial auldtangue by the Blood Gods, but only the humans of Hyrkan still hold this tradition. Since that primeval time, humans have formed languages of their own. In the Jeweled North, norstari is spoken and in those places where Belkhanid blood ran strong, oustari, is the predominant tongue, but with varying regional dialects across the Broken Wastes, the Shadelands, Besul, the Shattered Isles and Arkomat.

+ Scroll concerning Human Naming Conventions . . .

Like their traditions and customs, names vary greatly between the different human lands. One thing all humanity shares is their inherit factionalism. With this being the case, most humans almost always possess a surname of sort sort to distinguish themselves from others.

Names Among The Jeweled North:
Tymnes, Leaena, Attia, Sparax, Aquillia, Nikaia, Menalcas, Tryphena, Assanius, Oppius, Novia, Alcmene, Vel, Sphaerio, Anaxandron, Helike

Names Among The Broken Wastes & Arkomat:
Toma, Khammo, Aramina, Yayota, Asfandyar, Taroon, Kaliq, Farrah, Nasri, Kutesh, Davke, Janan, Hormoz, Arsalan, Melodi, Jarireh

Names Among Besul, The Shadelands & The Shattered Isles:
Tahir, Sekai, Durah, Colel, Ontibile, Janna, Amhi,Varaza, Mandar, Jayanti, Ahulane, Cualli, Anane, Mirzal, Chimalli, Yolotli, Achlin, Tlaco

Names Among The Barbarian Lands Of Hyrkan:
Royan, Hamasa, Taneen, Novak, Torok, Kosha, Ravil, Oraz, Daniyar, Zukhra, Jayna, Damilia, Antal, Togh, Nergui, Alchidai, Namdar, Noushin