WAYFARER: The Sky of Asora


The scrolls, parchments and scribblings below record the observations of the famed historian Stygtep Tehoth on Asora's celestial bodies and the way they affect magic in the  Pasts, Personas & Prophecies roleplaying game.

In triumph the Prime Evil Berla drank the sun's divine magic dry, turning it into a cindered husk of its former glory. Haven's star, Solgnys was not the first to fall to Hell's legions, but the last. It is at night that one can best see the wake of the Prime Evil's carnage across the cosmos for the sky is shrouded in utter darkness.

Deprived of light from Solgnys, the Archangels of Heaven gifted the world-shard of Asora an ironic gift for their faith. Above the denizens of Asora, circles the Sky-Sear, a flaming red comet which maintains their lands' seasons and natural cycles. Common myth asserts that the Sky-Sear is the prison of Berla, the Prime Evil who was sentenced to sustain the souls he nearly destroyed.

Some of Solgnys divine magic is splayed across the Sundered Realms as a swirling storm of solar radiation. This cosmic phenomena known as the Scar, fluctuates in potency and at times whose course runs across many a world-shards' habitable lands. Those unfortunate souls touched by the Scar's radiation usually are burned alive or if they are unlucky enough to survive, are savagely mutated. 

Where the Sundered Realms lack a proper sun and stars, they make up for it with a swath of moons. Each of the twelve moons, whose qlunar names have been adopted by the Jeweled North, orbit the remnants of Haven and radiate varying auras of magical moonlight. It is at night when no moons nor stars dot the sky that the material plane draws closest to the Shadowlands of Oscuros and dark magic is most prevalent. 

Celestial Bodies.png