P3: Revised Core Rules & Errata


This page corrects, changes and clarifies certain rules in the Pasts, Personas & Prophecies Core Rulebook. Recent printings of the Revised Edititon book include revised text that reflects the explanations here.


  • Rule Change - Boons & Despairs (Page 29 & 42): To help clarify the difference between regular results to determine success and uncanceled results to determine the extra effects added to each dice roll, I have added the keywords Boons and Despairs. Boons being the uncanceled successes from a dice pool and Despairs being the uncanceled failures.

  • Rule Change - Dual Wielding (Page 31): Dual-wielding now requires only a single roll rather than a single roll for each extra weapon. Attacking with multiple weapons however reduces a PC's dice pool by -2 dice thus reducing their chance of hitting. 

  • Rule Change - Drawing Weapons (Page 28): An Action is no longer required to draw a weapon during combat or Round Play.


  • Rule Change - Magic Drain (Page 36): When casting their final spell after their other Defensive Skills have been fully depleted, a character will no longer be killed from over-exerting themselves with magic use. Instead of dying, characters will fall unconscious. 

  • Rule Change - Defensive Skills Recovery from Magic Use (Page 36): Rather than having a character's Defensive skills recuperate on hourly basis, they will only be restored daily equal to the character's current Endure skill modifier.


  • Rule Change - Heal checks (Page 33): A character can only benefit from  medicinal assistance from a Heal check to regain Vitality once per day. The Heal check is set to a 2 Difficulty, and will only give the character 1 VitalityBoons may be spent to replenish additional Vitality. A PC receives +1 Difficulty if they are administering first aid to themselves.

  •  Rule Change - Endure Checks to Regain Vitality (Page 22 & 33): Characters can now only make an Endure check on a weekly basis to regain Vitality rather than once per dayFor every Success rolled, that PC gains a single VitalityBoons may be spent to regain additional Vitality.


  • Rule Change - Artificer Mentality (Page 10):  The  Artificer's benefit of receiving "+1 Success to spend on successful spells using a single Spell School" has been replaced by a "+1 Craft" bonus to represent an artificer's tinkering nature with arcane items.

  • Rule Change - Sleepless Elves (Page 7): The Elven player race no longer shares the Darkvision special quality with dwarves, instead elves now have "Sleepless: Elves do not require sleep."

  • Rule Change - Past Status Changes (Page 9): Many of the Past Statuses in Chapter Two have been changed.

    • The Clergy Past Status now has the following +1 Religion and -1 Security skill modifiers.

    • The Merchant Past Status now has the following +1 Diplomacy and -1 Composure skill modifiers. 

    • The Soldier Past Status now has the following +1 Composure and -1 Research skill modifiers. 

    • The Laborer Past Status now has the following +1 Athletics and -1 Stealth skill modifiers. 

    • The Farmer Past Status now has the following +1 Handle and -1 Arcana skill modifiers. 

    • The Wanderer Past Status now has the following +1 Nature and -1 Diplomacy skill modifiers.

    • The Criminal Past Status now has the following +1 Streetwise and -1 History skill modifiers.

    • The Slave Past Status now has the following +1 Insight and -1 Intimidation skill modifiers. 


  • Rule Change - Transmutation Spell Skill (Page 22): Transmutation spells can now only affect physical attributes and skills, such as Strength, Tough, Acrobatics and Melee.

  • New Rule - Passive Perception (Page 19):GMs can now use a PCs Passive Perceptionskill to determine whether or not a PC notices something in their environment without alerting their players to the presence of an unseen factor. A PC's Passive Perception is equal to their Perception skill modifier.


  • Item Change - Robes of Replenishment (Page 25): These basic magic robes do not provide their user with an Armor Score, but instead replenish the user’s Defensive skills an additional point each day. Useful for spell casting.


  • Despairs - No More Stunning (Page 42):  GMs can no longer Stun PCs by spending Despairs.

  • Rule Change - Despair Abilities (Page 42): Failure Abilities have been renamed to Despair Abilities.


  • NPC Special Quality - Weapon (Page 55): To help increase the lethality posed by NPCs, there is a new Special Quality titled Weapon. This Special Quality provides +3 damage to NPCs that carry weapons.

  • New NPC Special Quality - Weapon (Page 54): A Minion NPC can gain the benefits of extra Minions in their group for a designated skill, similar to that benefit they receive to Melee, Range, Perception, Athletics and Spell checks.

  • Spirit Correction (Page 52-55): The Spirit Points listed on the various example NPCs/monsters in Chapter Seven's  sidebars have been corrected.


  • Talent Correction - Cosmic Magic (Page 14): The mistake regarding Cosmic magic in Chapter Two's Scholar Talents is now correct. The Cosmic category should no longer include the ability to travel to other planes of existence.

  • Talent Change - Dual Wielder (Page 10): This Tier-One Warrior Talent now reads, "When wielding multiple weapons, the PC only receives a -1 dice penalty when attacking."

  • Talent Change - Quickdraw (Page 12): This Tier-One Rogue Talent now reads, "If the PC attacks on the same turn as they drew their weapon, they receive a +1 bonus to their attack.

  • Talent Change - Mighty Rend (Page 11): The PC’s Critical Hits with Heavy Melee Weapons destroy 1 point of the target’s Armor."

  • New Talent - Heavy Lifter (Page 15): This Tier-Five Scholar Talent reads, "The PC triples the amount of weight they can move when using the Manipulate Weight result on Table 5-7 (pg, 36)."

  • New Talent - Spell Potency (Page 15): This Tier-Five Scholar Talent reads, "The PC may double their spell’s efficacy when using the Increase Spell Effect result on Table 5-7 (pg, 36)." 

  • Talent Change -  Vigorous (Page 11): The Vigorous Talent can now only be taken once and is now listed as a Tier Two Warrior Talent.

  • New Talent - Healthy (Page 10): This Tier-One Warrior Talent reads, "The PC gains +2 Vitality."