WAYFARER: Cosmology


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+ Scroll Concerning the the Material Plane of Exos. . .

In the norstari language, the human tongue of the Jeweled North, the word "Exos" roughly translates to "the plane of the exiled." This name refers to the Father-God Yogoroth's banishment from another reality during the Void Age to Exos. Since his arrival, Exos has become the home to the Blood Gods and the birthplace of the mortal races. The material plane of Exos is composed of...

Amid the void of the cosmos, the Blood Gods created the spherical world of Haven to serve as their place of rest. They resided on Haven, attended to by their mortal servants until the Sundering. Shattered by the Prime Evils of Hell during their invasion of the material plane, Haven was torn to pieces. Today, all that remains of Haven are the world-shards, the remnant pieces of sundered earth floating at the center of the cosmos. Notable world-shards include Asora, Iazstran and Ogiama.

The outer limits of Exos' creation, far beyond the Sundered Realms are referred to as the Outlands. These starless worlds who are absent of the Blood God's celestial light are alien and distant. In their darkness devoid of starlight, the worlds of the Outlands have devolved into madness, giving rise to the eldritch horrors of the Uldrax. Even with the use of shard-craft technology, the Outlands are unknowable and virtually unreachable without magic.

+ Scroll concerning the Churning Chaos . . .

Long before the Sundering of Haven, the Blood Gods slayed the Elemental Lords of Exos, the Basalus Colossum, used their hearts to create the demi-planes collectively referred to as the Churning Chaos, these realms include...

THE COLORLESS DEPTHS OF SURON This is the plane of Suron, the Basal Coloss of Water. Observers of this plane refer to it is an endless salt-water sea of bottomless depths permeated with freshwater pockets and underwater caves.

THE SEARING EXPANSE OF PYROK The Basal Coloss of Flame, Pyrok, resides on the Searing Expanse. His home is dominated by vast plains of living flame, rolling clouds of smoke and churning bodies of magma.

THE SPIRALING VAULTS EURON Darkness is all too commonplace within the Spiraling Vaults, the Elemental Plane of Earth. It is here that Euron, the Basal Coloss of Earth rules, his strength incessantly wracking the cavern systems that thread his realm with tremors.

THE OPEN GALE OF WIROR The Open Gale is a bottomless realm of wind currents, floating palaces and continent-wide cloud formations. It is said that Wiror, the Basal Coloss of Air rules here, seeding his secrets among monasteries concealed amid the horizonless skies. . . .

+ Scroll concerning the Echoes . . .

There are two transitory reflections of Exos, those being Luzos and Oscuros, which must be traversed to cross the boundaries of the Axiom Verge. Rather than being planes in themselves, the Echoes are just mirrors of Exos, who are aligned but separated from the material plane.

Luzos is home to those entities known as celestials and is sometimes referred to as the "Lands Between Light." This Echo is a demi-plane whose appearance mirrors Exos, but as the Blood Gods had originally created it. Within Luzos, Haven is still an intact and spherical world, with a radiant sun and a swath of sparkling stars to illuminate the sky. One must pass through Luzos in order to cross the Axiom Verge into the High Heavens. Luzos can be reached without Summoning magic by entering natural places of intense light and reflection such as snow capped mountains or glimmering pools.

The spirits known as the Collectors call Oscuros, the "Shadow Lands" their home. These entities harvest the souls of the dead who cross over into their realm after death. These souls are auctioned off to either the fiends of the Infernal Circles or the angels of the High Heavens while the unpurchased are kept by the Collectors for an unknown purpose. Oscuros is a grim reflection of Exos, cast in eternal shadow, plagued by the restless undead and the occasional demon raiding party. One must pass through Oscuros in order to cross the Axiom Verge into the Infernal Circles. The Shadowlands can be reached without Summoning magic by entering places of deep natural darkness such as pits or caverns.

+ Scroll concerning the Axiom Verge . . .

The boundary that separates the material plane from the realms of Titania and Hell lays at the furthest edges of the Echoes. This border, the Axiom Verge, is not necessarily a physical location, but more a figurative term relating to the act of crossing. By bridging the Axiom Verge, one steps into the planes at the fringes of Exos' reality: Heaven and Hell.

The winged angels of the Angelic Host are the undisputed rulers of the High Heavens. Titania is a realm of three immense hollow rings, each layered within the other like strata within the earth. Atop each of the cloud-touched rings of the High Heavens, the Archangels make their seats of power, ruling in concert to protect their home and defeat the forces of Hell.

Hell is composed of nine layers of varying hostile landscapes, each ruled by a Demon Prince and floating within the epicenter of a swirling tempest. The three most central rungs of Hell's layers expand out into the horizon infinitely, dotted with fiefdoms that pay homage to, while also secretly plotting against, the Prime Evils.

+ Scroll concerning the Severed Beyond . . .

The mysterious forces which banished the Father-God Yogoroth to Exos in the prehistoric past, also did their best to keep his erratic and destructive personalities bound within the material plane for all eternity. They did this by cutting Exos' connection to the greater Multiverse, thus isolating reality from the plethora of alternate dimensions and planes within the Severed Beyond.