The faith of the Angelic Host is preached from the steps of the Ivory Throne in Tiber with a sphere of influence that extends to the distant near-human cities of Asora. After the Great Exodus of the Blood Gods, the mortal races of the Sundered Realms lacked a pantheon to follow and in their need for an object of worship many adopted the tenets of the High Heavens. Although the Archangels were not responsible for creating Haven, their tireless war against the Prime Evils of Hell makes the Angelic Host worthy of reverence for their stewardship.

Satoris, Archangel of Justice and Protection

Titles: Host of Hosts, the High Judge

Followers: The denizens of the Jeweled North, Arkomat, the Tablelands, Thal-Qlunarum and Falador.

Magic:  His clergy uses Energy magic to bind and capture evil doers so that they may be dealt justice through trial.

Enemies: Demons and outlaws.

Order and justice are the guiding principles of those that revere the Archangel Satoris. He represents the ideals of moral harmony and of civilization. It is Satoris' belief that enforced order is the only means which will persuade future generations away from the temptations of evil until its presence is no longer an existing concept among the mortal races. His large columned cathedrals can be found in most capital cities and metropolitan areas . These structures and their affiliated facilities host priesthoods who enforce the law and ensure the civil security of the their home cities. It is common for the clerics of Satoris to be sent out as missionaries intended to convert others to the faith, thus hopefully inspiring them to adhere to the ways of civilization.

Aurion, Archangel of Crusades and Brotherhood

Titles: The Grand Crusader, the Seeker

Followers: The denizens of the Jeweled North, Arkomat, the Tablelands, and Falador.

Magic: His clergy uses Summoning magic to possess others with Angelic Spirits to inspire and embolden others to fight.

Enemies: Demons and evil magic users.

Although city dwellers pay homage to Satoris who heads the Angelic Host, it is truly Aurion who pursued the war against the Prime Evils which preserved Haven from complete destruction. Known as the Grand Crusader, Aurion is a proactive good-doer who protects the mortal races by openly seeking out the forces of Hell to end their threat forever. His followers pray at his altars to inspire righteousness while others follow in his footsteps by eagerly warring against the supernatural world. Temples dedicated to Aurion can be found in those militaristic realms, predominantly Numeria, which pledge their lives to his ideals and train in his name.

Ka'el, Archangel of travelers and nature

Titles: Light of Life, the Watcher of Ways

Followers: The denizens of the Jeweled North, Arkomat, the Tablelands, and Falador.

Magic: Her clergy uses Divination magic to foresee those paths which are most safe to travel without impinging on the natural world.

Enemies: Demons and undead

Her temples are not masterpieces of architecture within an urban sprawl, but are quaint wayshrines along roadsides or amid colorful gardens. Ka'el is not oppossed to civilization, but prefers a peaceful coexistence to preserve the natural world. She is the patron Archangel who seeks to maintain the balance between nature and the mortal races. She protects travelers who adhere to her laws and punishes those who perverse the wilds. Her clergy is guided by a series of High Priestesses who act either as oracles or beautiful performers who police the roads and guide those that may need aid.